Reasons To Get A Sewer Camera Inspection Done

There are plenty of reasons why a plumbing company (or a plumber who works on his own) may want to invest in a video pipe inspection camera. A video pipe inspection is a simple way to do things for contracting plumbers. For the plumber’s sake, it’s when you have to work on a commercial or residential plumbing project. It can be a commercial or residential plumbing project, but either one, with a video camera, pushed through a pipe can be a lifesaver for the user at the other end. The reference to the video pipe camera or sewer camera is “sewer scope.”

It’s a simple sewer push camera inspection for a residential or commercial plumbing job, and when the mainline has a problem, the sewer camera will be able to see it because of the small dimensions of the scope. Besides, the main sanitation waste line needs someone or something to go in and inspect it throughout. The inside perspective of the pipes and all it’s “glory” will be seen through the “eyes of the camera” and recorded. The technician is allowed to see what is in the pipe and in “real-time” video. This can also be used for the customer’s future reference if there is any plumbing work that needs to be looked at years later. If more work needs to be done, then those who have to work in the same area can look back at the video pipe inspection, or a sewer camera inspection, and determine what work had been done to the pipes.

What other reasons would a property or homeowner want the sewer pipes inspected other than buying it?

1. Sewer problems –

Besides it being smelly, independent contractors such as plumbers can get a video pipe inspection, or a sewer camera inspection, done more effectively than a plumber without one. For one, getting into these pipes and tearing up yards of pipes when they don’t have to can get downright messy and smelly altogether. For the sewer camera inspection methods, it’s a way to work smarter, not harder. The sewer camera inspection technique is ideal for those plumbers who work for themselves. In fact, working without a video camera for pipe inspections can be more strenuous and more difficult. The work can be difficult because of “getting to the core problem” for an accurate diagnostic.

With maintaining a good flowing line, debris may have to be cleared away. This can be a simple task for the plumbers without having to replace too many pipes. For instance, there may be too much debris and roots around the pipes, and this can break or puncture them. With the video inspection camera, it can save the owners of the property thousands of dollars. Therefore, keeping the line in good lateral form is what the goal is to prevent excessive debris around the pipes, or even in them. A timely maintenance job is needed by the plumbers inspecting it. The root infiltration is also known to plumbers as (FOG) or fats, oil, and grease which can clog up pipes and be the main problem. This can be just one spot that is the problem. With the video camera inspection, all problems can be fixed.

On the other hand, there could be an entire sewer main line which may need replacing. The “presence of roots” can be an excuse by some companies for this full pipe replacement though. Not all companies are the same. If this is true, then every property may need replacing of their sewer lines. Technicians are trained to sale this procedure but with the video camera inspection cameras, it in real time, and customers see it for themselves. Customers can see what the technicians see, and this gives them their loyal services.

All in all, there are more companies which are using cameras to get those “opinions” of what needs to be done. With about 80% of the findings, they’re different from the first opinion such as the “blurry video” that was originally shown. The best sound advice from the pros is that the hiring a reputable company or a professional plumber who will NOT benefit from a bad plumbing diagnostic but one who is working to help you! In other words, the additional revenue from a plumbing job shouldn’t be exaggerated without proven video from live recordings which are generated from video camera inspections. Finding the honest and experienced company for consumers who need that “unbiased expert advice” can be solved with this reason to get a video pipe inspection.

2. A Notice from The City –

This is another reason to get a video pipe inspection. In fact, when you property homeowners receive a city notice regarding their connection to the city’s main sewage line, it’s a cause for concern. Normally, they’ll give you 45 days to have this diagnosed and repaired. The sewage can be released into the soil. This becomes an environmental hazard. The cities mainline may get damaged as the sewage moves the soil. The city ordinances in your county will not take this in stride. Because of aging sewage systems that age as time goes on, the municipalities must check their system’s lines with these CCTV cameras. In other words, they’ll be “eyeballing” your connections as well to make sure everything looks fine.

When property owners are served a city notice, we recommend having a video sewer inspection. These are some things that can be completed for you by this type of work.

– Verify that it’s your property line, not your next door neighbor.
– The conditions of older pipes plus the conditions of the sewer systems can be inspected with a sewer push camera.
– Damaged and clogged-up pipes can be checked in various (or specific) areas with a sewer camera.
– Find out exactly the location and depth of the problem that will be repaired. In fact, flags can mark the spot.
– This can help obtain a bid from more than one licensed plumber who has a good reputation for plumbing contracts.
– The exact areas of the clogs can be cleared with a sewer push camera.
– The damages to pipes can be fixed or replaced with a sewer inspection camera.
– The types of pipes can be determined with a sewer push camera.
– Before there is further damage or clogging up in sewer pipes, it can be analyzed with a sewer camera inspection.

What part of the sewage is your responsibility as a property owner?

Property owners, such as home and business property owners, are responsible for their sewers lines all the way up to their connection to the main city line. This means that they need to have their portion in-tact. The part of the line that’s under the city street, the city sidewalk, the landscape, and the nearby easements, are all where it’s more expensive to repair. It’s also where the sewer lines are deepest too. In fact, it’s where the connections to the city mainlines are connected evidently to the homeowners’ sewer pipelines.

3. New home warranty is about to expire –

Before purchasing a home, it’s good to have an inspector get a video pipe inspection. The main sewer line is recommended to be inspected. When one of our Parker, Colorado clients had a new home built, the subject was an important factor in getting such video inspection looked at. What makes this a truly important element in purchasing a home is when soils shift around and underneath homes. New lines can break because of the shifting soil. This can cause plenty of headaches and when purchasing a new home, and before the expiration of home’s warranty, getting a video pipe inspection is a wise thing to do.

How Video Inspections work

With the tool, inserting pipes which stretch laterally, and meters upon meters underneath the ground will be that much easier to view. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare for plumbers or contractors who have to get to the lines underground. Plumbers have a tough job. More can be done with a digital camera and more effectively with a video camera on a rod being pushed into pipes. This is the effective way to provide a plumber or user to stretch the tool down a pipe to inspect problem areas of sewer pipes.

Nevertheless, it is the visuals which the plumbers are after. As a result of the camera being on the end of a “stick or a rod,” the screen will be in real time and can record the inner lining of a pipe. It’s a tough job, but with the help of advanced technology such as real-time video, work can get done faster. The plumbing camera is attached to a screen for real-time visualization which is all recorded. The clogs and the damages of various types of pipes and sewer systems can easily be inspected with the plumber’s cameras. It makes it so much easier for those who have to inspect and fix problem areas of residential and commercial pipes.

Video from The Drain Camera Shop website displaying a high-quality sewer camera.

4. Before selling a home –

Home owners should have their sewage pipelines inspected before selling their home on the housing market. First of all, the consultation of a real estate agent or agency should schedule this “pre-listing” video pipe inspection of the sewer pipes before a sell or go on the market.

– It can help save any cancellations during the preliminary period sale of the home. Find the time to prevent any aggravation later.
– Identify and determine sewage line problems and the severity of them, if need be.
– If there’s an issue in your pipelines, then you’ll need this inspection immediately. The longer it takes to fix the problem, the more costly it can be.
– If you do not want to deal with the expenses, then let the buyer know immediately.
– Do not negotiate to get the buyer to pay for the problem. It can reduce the cost of your home’s value.
– Do not have any surprises during the negotiation process.
– Reduce the chances of your home’s selling potential from it not falling through because of sewage line problems.
– To get the customers you want, you must treat your home’s sale like a business deal.

Problems solved with video inspection camera

Finally, when purchasing property or a home, schedule a video pipe inspection to see any possible problems. With video inspecting of sewage systems, the pipelines under houses and commercial buildings are long and can be very difficult to determine where and how they are damaged. With a video camera inspection, it makes it easier for plumbers to see the problem quicker.

The digital cameras, when used for specific areas, is the way of a more effective way to determine how to fix plumbing and sewage problems. In other words, using the Sewer Push Camera Inspection Systems at The Drain Camera Shop provides a quicker and smarter way to get to the core of the problems. In fact, various companies supply them today because of their growing popularity.

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