Reasons Why Generator Docking Stations Are Important

Generator docking stations are essential where there is electric power generation. The load bank is a device that applies an electrical load to serve as power source then it dissipates the resulting power. It is an essential tool in the power industry. Power generation is done from different resources such as generators, transformers, and power accessories among others.

The reason why a load bank is a valuable tool is due to its ability to apply an electric load to a power source and then converts the resulting power output. The load bank is used with engine generator, battery systems, inverters, ground power units, auxiliary power units and UPS systems.

There are different types of load banks used by technicians and companies; this depends on the specific use it is intended to play. Bank load types are resistive, capacitative and reactive. Example technicians will apply load bank in an engine generator; it mimics the load of the facility the generator is protecting. The generator docking station will then use a discrete electrical load to the generator this will measure the response stability of all products at various mechanical loads.

Therefore, any problem that can occur to the generator is identifiable and corrected as the environment is non-critical. Other uses include;
Guarantees available standby generator; most facilities have an alternative source of power to the nature of to minimize the losses that may occur should electric utility fail. Load banks guarantee the equipment in a situation of loss of its primary utility service; it acts as a simulation of the utility failure.

It reduces anxiety.

Load banks give you a higher degree of confidence when unexpected events occur in your facility. Load bank tests are a confirmation of the performance of the power source. When the test is positive, it gives confidence in the performance of the equipment being supplied with power.

Facilitates full load operation.

Load banks are used to diagnose any faults in power sources to ensure that they are working correctly. To ensure that works go on uninterrupted it is essential to test the power source example, generator power is very reliable but can be unpredictable, this will ensure that the system is capable of operating events that require the full load. The ability for equipment to perform without breakdown due to power issues gives high-performance measure and impact.

Assess maintenance.

Generator docking stations give a lot of information about the of a power system during full or partial load. Properly maintained equipment would work efficiently without breaking down. The confirmation will give confidence to the owner in its operation. Adequately maintained machines will reduce the cost of maintenance, improves its efficiency and lifespan.

Charges starting batteries.

Load banks are capable of initiating engine start; it ascertains the condition of the battery and battery sets this will indicate if individual cells are not holding the charge or about to fail. Being unable to charge is the failure to many generators, and if this is unidentified, it will be a loss of time during the operation.

Set up of the system to produce results; load bank testing ensures the generator working system is not compromised to avoid failure. No-load generator operation over a prolonged period may cause wet stacking. Wet stacking occurs because the generator is operating at light loads and low temperatures. Impacts of engine performance can be detected after a long time if generator docking stations are unused. Hence, its use proves and ensures the performance of each component of the generator such as governor system, cooling system, voltage regulator and exciter systems.

Test the performance of ATS.

Automatic transfer switch test is required to transfer building loads to the generator this is a sure method that the emergency power system is reliable at all time.

Attaining proper operating temperature; Bank load test produces artificial loads that produce this brings the engine to appropriate operating temperature. By exercising the generator, it will reach the proper operating temperature by doing so it will burn any residue in a contaminated fuel. The exercise prevents wet stacking.

Emission control verification.

Load bank generator testing aids to evaporate harmful deposits from the exhaust and engine system. When testing a generator the machine is allowed to operate at full power and temperature this will help to avoid wet stacking and the carbon deposits cleaned up.

From above, a generator docking station plays significant roles through testing which comes will multiple benefits. Depending on the facility that one may want to install load bank it is advisable to consult Fox Fab Power Solutions or the original generator manufacturer. Generator docking stations can be portable, permanent or radiator mounted. They all perform specific tasks and are available at different prices or hired.

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