Do you need professional emergency plumbing services?

When last did you have your plumbing system checked over by a professional plumber? Do you want to avoid a costly plumbing emergency? Do you even know the different parts that make up your plumbing system?

Your backflow preventer: That is if you have a backflow preventer, some older homes do not and this can be a danger to your health because if contaminated back flow gets back into the piping system then it can allow bacteria to multiply and get into your drinking and bathing water. This is definitely something you want to avoid so if you don’t know if you have a backflow preventer you should find out. If you do have a backflow preventer keep in mind that the non-return valve can become worn and damaged over time from everyday use, you should have a professional plumber check it for you on a regular basis.

Your water heater: If you are using an old tank style water heater then you are wasting money, end of story. The sooner you change your system the sooner you will start saving money after the initial investment. You can opt for a solar water heater but be sure to get one with an electric switchover so you aren’t left with no hot water on an overcast day. The better option in my opinion is the new tankless system which heats water as it flows through the pipe only when the hot water faucet is on with the use of a heating element or gas flame, this provides practically limitless hot water to your home which is a great utility to have.

Your piping system and leaks: If you have an old iron piping system then chances are you will need to get your home repiped to the new copper standard in order to prevent potential rust poisoning. If you are on the newer copper pipes you will still have to maintain them in order to prevent leaks from springing up, leaks can be very problematic because if you don’t know where the leak is it could cause hundreds of dollars of damage before you even notice it. This is why it is good to have a plumber check over your pipes regularly as preventative maintenance

Your drains: Keeping your drains clean and block free is your responsibility and will come back to haunt you if you don’t do it often enough, sometimes a buildup of hair or residue can cause a blockage to build up inside the pipe unnoticed until the flow of water starts becoming restricted. At this point you should immediately apply some powerful commercial drain cleaner. If this doesn’t clear the blockage then call your local professional plumber to use a snake or hydrojet on the drain to clear the blockage.


Julie Endicott

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